Sunday, September 11, 2016


NFL Week One Pick

And we're back. Opening with a six-team-six-point teaser, pays six to one if all legs hit:

Tampa Bay +8.5 at Atlanta

Tennessee +8.5 vs. Minnesota

New York Jets +7.5 vs. Cincinnati

Oakland +8.5 at New Orleans

Arizona -1.5 vs. New England

San Francisco +8.5 vs, Los Angeles

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Championship Sunday Picks

Record is 29-51, -26.5 units. Time for a true Hail Mary.

New England over Denver outright. Risking 49.5 units to win 30.

Sunday, January 03, 2016


NFL Week 17 Picks

The slide into oblivion continues. Last week's picks went 1-4, -3.3 units. For the season, my record is 27-47, -24.1 units Here's six more that probably won't work.

New England -9.5 at Miami (and over 46.5 total points)

Cincinnati -9.5 vs. Baltimore

Pittsburgh -10.5 at Cleveland

Philadelphia at New York Giants over 50.5 points

Seattle at Arizona over 46.5 points

Sunday, December 27, 2015


NFL Week Sixteen Picks

Last week the bleeding was temporarily staunched. My picks went 4-2-1, +1.8 units. For the season my records stands at 26-43, -20.8 units. I will attempt to continue not sucking so much.

Kansas City -11 vs. Cleveland

New England -3 at New York Jets

Arizona -4 vs. Green Bay

Seattle -12 vs. St. Louis

Pittsburgh -10 at Baltimore

Saturday, December 19, 2015


NFL Week 15 Picks

I whiffed on my three-unit teaser last week, making my season record 22-41, -22.6 units. Picking seven more because why not? It really can't get any worse at this point.

New York Jets -3 at Dallas

Jacksonville -3 vs. Atlanta

New England -13.5 vs. Tennessee

Arizona -3.5 at Philadelphia

Carolina -4 at New York Giants

Seattle -14.5 vs. Cleveland

Cincinnati -5.5 at San Francisco

Sunday, December 13, 2015


NFL Week 14 Picks

Last week was a skunking, 0-5, -6.4 units. For the season, 22-40, 19.6 units. Here another pathetic Hail Mary, a six-team, six-point teaser. Risking three units to win 21.

Pittsburgh +8.5 at Cincinnati
Carolina -2 vs. Atlanta
San Francisco +7.5 at Cleveland
Indianapolis +7.5 at Jacksonville
New York Jets -1.5 vs. Tennessee
Miami +8 vs. New York Giants

Sunday, December 06, 2015


NFL Week 13 Picks

The implosion continues. Last week was 1-5, -7.3 units. For the season, I am 22-35, -13.2 units. Here we go again.

Chicago -7 vs. San Francisco

Houston +3.5 at Buffalo, and under 42 total points

New England -8 vs. Philadelphia

And a five-team, six-point teaser, risking two units to win eight:

Jacksonville +8.5 at Tennessee
Minnesota +8 vs. Seattle
New York Giants +8 vs. New York Jets
New England -2
Pittsburgh -1.5 vs. Indianapolis

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