Sunday, January 22, 2006


NFL Conference Championship Picks

A 3-2-1 week (outstanding, by my standards) makes me 45-60-6 for the season. Since I have nothing to lose in terms of reputation, I am going against the considerable home-field advantage in both games today, because the underdogs are white-hot.

Pittsburgh +3 at Denver: The Steelers are winning the way the Cowboys did during the Jimmy Johnson era--throw early to get a lead, run late to protect it. The game will probably be decided by which quarterback makes the most mistakes, and I just can't believe in Jake Plummer until he actually wins a Super Bowl. I also like the over 41 points total.

Carolina +3.5 at Seattle: Panthers WR Steve Smith is dominating games the way no 5'9" player ever has. And while Seattle led the league in sacks, they did it against a schedule full of teams that can't protect their QB. Smith will get the Panthers a lead, and their defensive line will close the deal.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

I continued my miserable ways last week, going 1-4 to lower my record to 41-59-5. I am nothing if not consistent. This is the week where the cream rises to the top. In the NFL, anyway.

Seattle -10 vs. Washington: This is the week were the Skins turn back into a pumpkin. They are simply not as good as the Seahawks, who have a massive home-field advantage. I'm also taking the under 41 points total, due to the weather.

Denver -3 vs. New England: It was not easy to take Jake Plummer over Bill Belichick, believe me. I just think that the Broncos will run the ball well enough to make the Snake effective.

Indianapolis -10 vs. Pittsburgh: I think the Steelers left it all on the field last week, proving that they still the alpha male in their division. On the RCA Dome's fast track, the Colts will race right past them.

Chicago -2.5 vs. Carolina: The Bears are allowing less than eight points a game at home, which is just sick. Having said that, I'm also taking the over 30 points total, as I think Chicago will get some points out of their defense and special teams.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


NFL Wild Card Picks

After going 2-4 last week, I finished the regular season 40-54-5. My talent for wordcraft is woefully inadequate to describe how God-awful that record is. My only solace is the knowledge that many sharp handicappers have taken it in the neck this year, the result of an unusually good year for favorites. That, and the fact that I haven't lost any of my own money on these nauseating picks.

Jacksonville +7.5 at New England: There is no rational excuse to pick the Jaguars to win this game. Fortunately, I am not. I am only picking them to lose a close game, due to the Patriots' tendency to not blow out anybody.

Washington +2.5 at Tampa Bay: These teams are quite evenly matched, as proved by their game earlier this season. I am going with the red-hot Redskins over a quarterback making his first playoff start. I also like the over 36.5 points total.

New York Giants -2.5 vs. Carolina: The Panthers are just too erratic to trust them in the playoffs. The Giants have significant injuries on defense, but get Jeremy Shockey back on offense. They will slowly choke the life out of the Panthers.

Cincinnati +3 vs. Pittsburgh: In this game, I'm going with the QB making his first playoff start, and against the hot team. Hey, you gotta be flexible.

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