Sunday, December 30, 2007


NFL Week 17 Picks

Another 3-2 week brings my season record to 44-36, a respectable 55%. I am hoping to finish the regular season strong, as I have consistently sucked in the playoffs. Trying to determine motivation is maddening this week, as some teams are playing out the string, while others have secured their playoff seeding and will sit starters (or pull them early).

Seattle (even) at Atlanta: The Seahawks don't have much to play for, but the Falcons have even less.

San Francisco +12 at Cleveland: The Browns' motivation can be questioned, since they get in the playoffs with a Titans loss, regardless of their performance. Also, they're not really the kind of team that should be laying twelve points anywhere, against anybody.

Jacksonville +6.5 at Houston: It's not that the Texans won't try. It's just that the Jaguars' backups are better than Houston's starters. I like the over 41 points total, as well.

Pittsburgh -3 at Baltimore: Steelers RB Willie Parker broke his leg. QB Ben Roethlisberger is nicked up, and will be held out. I like the Steelers anyway...or maybe I hate the Ravens, I'm not sure.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


NFL Week 16 Picks

Last week's picks went 3-2, bringing my season record to 41-34. No time for explanations of my picks this week; it's the holidays, sue me.

Cleveland at Cincinnati over 43.5 points total

Indianapolis -7 vs. Houston (and over 45 points total)

Tampa Bay -5.5 at San Francisco

New York Jets +8.5 at Tennessee

Sunday, December 16, 2007


NFL Week 15 Picks

It is getting tougher as we go. My picks were fortunate to go 3-2 last week, bringing my season record to 38-32. I will make a couple of plays on the weather this week, hoping to just grind it out to the finish line.

Cleveland vs. Buffalo under 40 points: It's usually a sign of mental instability to take the under in a Browns game, with their dangerous offense and lousy defense. But the weather, and a Bills team unlikely to to be spooked by it, should keep the score down.

New England vs. New York Jets under 44 points: This one has been going down all week; I should have jumped on it sooner. It is downright ugly in New England this weekend. I don't think the Jets are going to score at all in this game, which will make it difficult for the Patriots to hit this number by themselves.

Indianapolis -10 at Oakland: It is a little scary to give an NFL home team ten points, especially late in the season, when home-field becomes even more important. However, the Colts are one of the few teams you can trust to take care of business against inferior competition.

New Orleans -3.5 vs Arizona: The Saints appear to have found last year's mojo, though it may be too late. I don't think the Cardinals are quite ready to win games they absolutely must win.

Seattle -7.5 at Carolina: The Seahawks have a fearsome pass rush. The Panthers have 206-year-old Vinnie Testaverde. It is unlikely he will finish this game.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


NFL Week 14 Picks

It really should have been a 3-2 week. A last-minute 50-yard touchdown run made it 2-3, leaving my season record at a barely respectable 35-30. Can I keep my head above water down the stretch? Here's this week's attempt.

Cincinnati -7 vs. St. Louis: This Bengals team doesn't exactly inspire confidence. On the other hand, the Rams are starting someone named Brock Berlin at QB. A good name for a porn star, to be sure, but a nobody in the NFL.

Cleveland -3 at New York Jets: The Browns are decent, the Jets are lousy. Actually, both defenses are lousy, but the Brownies are pretty good on offense, and will pull away.

Dallas -10.5 at Detroit: The Cowboys are on a major roll, while the Lions are imploding. This one gets ugly.

Tampa Bay -3 at Houston: This smells like a trap for the Bucs. On the road, out of conference, with a playoff spot all but locked up...wait. They're playing the Texans, right? Never mind.

New Orleans -3 vs Atlanta: Last year is like a mirage for the Saints, and Reggie Bush is hurt. It won't matter, as they will still have far too much for the Falcons.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


MFL Week 13 Picks

Well, I've made a bit of a comeback. After going 5-0 last week, my season record stands at 33-27. With one in my pocket from Thursday, I'll make four more picks here.

Arizona vs. Cleveland over 51.5 points: Probably the most entertaining game of the weekend, and almost no one will see it. I don't trust either of these teams enough to pick a side, but their combined firepower and questionable defenses make the the over the play, even at this number.

Tampa Bay +3.5 at New Orleans: Bucs QB Jeff Garcia has a bad back...and I don't care. They can essentially clinch the worst division in the NFL with a win, and Head Coach Jon "Chucky" Gruden will get it done with a caretaker quarterback.

St. Louis vs. Atlanta under 40.5 points: The Falcons are lame, and unlike the above game, the Rams suffer quite a dropoff with their starting QB out. Lots of rushing attempts, not many points.

Houston +3.5 at Tennessee: The Titans have the look of a team circling the drain. The Texans are a real, live NFL team with WR Andre Johnson healthy.

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