Sunday, February 03, 2008


Super Bowl Picks

At last, our true national holiday has arrived. And why Americans don't get the next day off, I have no idea. My picks were 2-1 last week, bringing my record to 51-45 on the season. Now, we will see whether I can finish the season microscopically profitable.

New England -12 vs. New York Giants: Last week, I would have taken the Giants to cover, as they were in a really nice rhythm. The two-week break harms the Giants and helps the Patriots, a team that really doesn't require much in the way of assistance. I think the Giants will score some points on the Pats' savvy but aging defense, but Perfect Tommy and his teammates will score early, often and I'll also take the over 54.5 points total.

Ah yes, the props. They are legion in their number and bewildering in their variety. You can actually get some action on which color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach (clear is 3-1), or total points scored in the game vs. Kobe Bryant points, rebounds and assists today. If basketball isn't your thing, you can get Eli Manning touchdown passes vs. goals scored by some guy in a mullet in a hockey game today. Two that I actually like are total points 57 to 63 at 3/1, and Patriots WR Wes Welker gets a rushing attempt at 2/1. These will count for one loss if they lose, and three or two wins, respectively, if they win.

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