Sunday, November 30, 2008


NFL Week 13 Picks

I was able to stop the bleeding last week, going 3-2 to bring my season record to 35-23. Here are more picks as we head into the stretch drive.

New York Jets -7.5 vs. Denver Broncos: The Jets are on a roll, and should be ridden until further notice. Denver comes off a bad loss at home, and rarely plays well on the road. While we're at it, let's take the over 47.5 points total, despite possibly bad weather.

New York Giants -3.5 at Washington: The weather is definitely bad in the DC area. The Giants also have injuries at running back and a self-inflicted gunshot wound to an idiot diva receiver. None of that matters, as the Giants are the class of the league.

Indianapolis -4.5 at Cleveland: A dome team, outdoors on grass in bad weather...what am I thinking? I'm thinking it's Cleveland, and the Colts have righted their ship. I can't imagine them winning by less than a touchdown.

Baltimore at Cincinnati over 36 points: More bad weather, which is starting to assert itself in the lines. The problem is, it helps the offense at least as much as it hurts them. After all, the offensive players know when they're going to change directions.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


NFL Week Twelve Picks

Disaster, predictably, has struck. My 0-5 result last week drops my season record to 32-21. Is it just one bad week, or a harbinger of things to come? Only one way to find out.

Kansas City +3 vs. Buffalo: These teams are moving in opposite directions; how the Bills are favored is beyond me.

New England +1.5 at Miami: The oddsmakers think that the Pats will lose two straight games in their division. They think that they will be swept by a team in their division. They think they will not exact revenge for an embarrassing home loss. Really? Really? Patriots, early and often.

Tampa Bay -7.5 at Detroit: Yes, the Lions are that bad. And then some.

Denver -9 vs. Oakland: Broncos Head Coach Skeletor enjoys nothing more than torturing the man who fired him. Since the Raiders haven't scored in thirteen quarters (not a typo), Denver doesn't have to do much to cover.

Indianapolis +2.5 at San Diego: Make no mistake, the Chargers MUST win this game. They might even figure out a way to do that, but it is not likely against a resurgent Colts team.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


NFL Week Eleven Picks

My picks went 3-2 last week, bringing my record to 32-16 on the season. My record is, incredibly, equivalent to a professional who is having a great year. It remains to be seen whether I can keep this going all the way to the finish. Here's this week's picks.

Baltimore +7 at New York Giants: The Giants have been playing very well indeed of late, which means they are due for a clunker. The Ravens may not have enough offense to win this game, but they certainly have enough defense to keep it close.

Indianapolis -8 vs. Houston: Earlier this season, the Colts were extremely fortunate to have a game handed to them by Texans backup QB Sage Rosenfels. This time the Colts are at home, and guess who's back in the lineup? Yep, human turnover machine Sage Rosenfels. Houston, you have a problem.

Chicago at Green Bay over 43 points: This just looks low to me. The Packers' defense has been gutted by injuries, so the Bears should be good for 20 points. Green Bay's season hangs in the balance, so I think they will find a way to win, but I'm not confident enough to lay 3.5 points on them. The over looks good, though.

Philadelphia at Cincinnati over 41 points: The Eagles should be good for 30 on their own against the Bengals' defense, which couldn't stop Villanova. This makes a pretty low bar for the Cincy's offense to clear, in order to reach the over.

Washington +1.5 vs Dallas: For the life of me, I don't understand why Dallas is favored, on the road, in a rivalry game. It appears to be related to the injury to Skins stud RB, Clinton Portis. Here's a tip: Ladell Betts is one the best backups in the league. The return of Tony Romo at QB for the Cowboys will not help their defense one bit.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


NFL Week Ten Picks

My 5-0 performance last week improves my season record to 29-14, and changes my outlook from fear to arrogance. Here's five more winners.

Tennessee -3 at Chicago: I think the Titans would have covered this spread if the Bears had their starting quarterback. Since they will be using the feckless Rex Grossman, I don't like their chances at all.

New Orleans +1.5 at Atlanta: The Falcons' resurrection this season is definitely a feel-good story, but it is largely built on beating up bad teams. They don't fare as well against more established powers. Not that the Saints are world-beaters, but they are a veteran squad coming off their bye week.

Miami -7.5 vs. Seattle: The Seahawks have never traveled particularly well. The Dolphins are better than anybody thought, including Vegas linesmakers.

Green Bay +2.5 at Minnesota: Nobody runs the ball on the Vikings. Their run defense is outstanding...and their pass defense is pathetic. All of which suits the Packers just fine.

San Francisco at Arizona over 46 points: The 49ers are generating no pass rush, so the venerable Kurt Warner will defenestrate them. As they build a lead, their defense will fall asleep, allowing the Niners to score some as well.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


NFL Week Nine Picks

My picks went 1-3-1 last week, making my season record 24-14. Now mired in a two-week slump, I have no confidence in this week's picks. Here goes nothing....

New York Jets +5.5 at Buffalo: The Jets can't continue to let me down...can they? I think they could win this game, so they're not a bad bet to keep it close. I will also take the over 41 points total.

Arizona -3 at St. Louis: Two schizoid teams here, but my gut tells me the Cardinals' downside is not nearly as bad as the Rams' downside.

Miami +4 at Denver: Nobody knows which Broncos team will show up on any given week, not even Coach Skeletor. Miami is much better than they were last year, which always takes a while to be reflected in the lines.

Pittsburgh +2 at Washington: Home teams fare very well on Monday night, but the Steelers are stinging from the loss last week, and seek to re-assert themselves.

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