Sunday, February 01, 2009


Super Bowl Picks

My picks are 57-34 after going 1-1 last week, my best season by far. I will not screw it up by making a bunch of crazy picks now. I did not find many props I liked, but I will try one.

Arizona +7 vs. Pittsburgh: Defense wins championships, the Steelers have all the experience; I've heard all that. My (considerable) gut tells me that we get the Cardinals team that won three playoff games, not the one that clinched its division early and looked disinterested late in the regular season. If Anquan Boldin is healthy, if they can run the ball a little, they could win this game outright.

As usual, there are an astonishing variety of proposition bets. The length of the national anthem, Bruce Springsteen's set list, Larry Fitzgerald receiving yards versus LeBron James points and rebounds...all are available. We're going to try an adjusted-line bet. Arizona -7.5 pays 4 to 1, which means that it will count as one loss if it doesn't come in and four wins if it does.

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