Sunday, December 27, 2009


NFL Week 16 Picks

A spectacular 5-1 week raises my season record to 47-35. Let's see if I can keep it going.

Buffalo +9 at Atlanta

Baltimore at Pittsburgh under 43 points

Detroit +14 at San Francisco

Oakland at Cleveland over 37 points

New Orleans -14 vs. Tampa Bay

Washington +7.5 vs. Dallas

Sunday, December 20, 2009


NFL Week 15 Picks

Last week's picks went 4-3, making my season record 42-34. Here's six more.

Detroit +14 vs. Arizona

Oakland +14.5 at Denver

Green Bay +3 at Pittsburgh

Buffalo +7.5 vs. New England

Carolina +10 vs. Minnesota

New York Giants vs. Washington under 44 points

Saturday, December 12, 2009


NFL Week 14 Picks

Blech. Last week's picks were 2-4, making my season record 38-31. The sports-betting market gets so efficient late in the season, it becomes difficult to make headway. We will fire away seven more times this week.

Oakland +1 vs. Washington

San Francisco +3.5 at Arizona

Seattle +7 at Houston

Jacksonville -1.5 vs. Miami

San Diego +3.5 at Dallas

Philadelphia even at New York Giants/over 44 points total

Sunday, December 06, 2009


NFL Week 13 Picks

Last week's picks were 4-2, making my season record 36-27. In my quest to have two good seasons in a row, here are six picks for this week. Home underdogs are usually good bets.

Atlanta +5.5 vs. Philadelphia

Cleveland +13.5 vs. San Diego

Kansas City +6.5 vs. Denver (and under 39.5 points total)

Jacksonville +2.5 vs. Houston

Tennessee +7 at Indianapolis

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