Sunday, November 29, 2015


NFL Week 12 Picks

On a pace for my worst season ever. Sigh. Risking two units to win five on this four-team, six-point teaser.

Minnesota +8.5 at Atlanta
Tampa Bay +8.5 at Indianapolis
Washington +8.5 vs. New York Giants
Denver +8.5 vs. New England

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


NFL Thanksgiving Special

Last week went 2-3-1, -1.3 units. For the season, I am 21.30, -5.9 units. Most of the best opportunities are on Turkey Day, and we're going for broke here.

Philadelphia +2.5 at Detroit

Carolina +1.5 at Dallas

Green Bay -8.5 vs. Chicago (and over 44.5 points)

And a three-team, six-point teaser, risking 2 units to win 3.2 units.

Philadelphia +8.5
Carolina 7.5
Green Bay -2.5

Sunday, November 22, 2015


NFL Week 11 Picks

Last week's disaster was 1-4, -3.4 units. For the season, I am 18-27, -8.6 units. Six picks for today.

Oakland +1 at Detroit

Atlanta -4.5 vs. Indianapolis

St. Louis +3 at Baltimore (and under 42 points total)

Green Bay at Minnesota over 44 points

Denver at Chicago under 42 points

Saturday, November 14, 2015


NFL Week Ten Picks

Last week's picks went 3-3, -0.2 units. For the season, I am 18-23, -5.2 units. Here are this week's selections.

Green Bay -10.5 vs. Detroit

Carolina at Tennessee under 44.5 points

Cleveland at Pittsburgh over 41 points

Oakland -2.5 vs. Minnesota

Denver -4.5 vs. Kansas City

Sunday, November 08, 2015


NFL Week Nine Picks

Last week's picks went 4-3, +2.3 units. For the season, my record stands at 18-23, -5.0 units. Here's this week's six-pack.

Oakland +6 at Pittsburgh

New Orleans -6.5 vs. Tennessee

Green Bay at Carolina over 46 points

Atlanta -7 at San Francisco

New York Giants -2.5 at Tampa Bay

And a three-team, six-point teaser, pays 1.6 units if it hits.

New York Jets -2 vs. Jacksonville
St. Louis +7.5 at Minnesota
Tampa Bay +8.5

Sunday, November 01, 2015


NFL Week Eight Picks

Last week's picks went 2-3 (with a push), -0.7 units. For the season, I am 14-20, -7.3 units. It would have been ugly if I hadn't hit my teaser. Speaking of which, I'm adding another one to the Thursday selection.

Minnesota +2 at Chicago

Tampa Bay at Atlanta over 48.5 points

Cincinnati +1 at Pittsburgh

Green Bay -2.5 at Denver

Green Bay at Denver under 46.5 total points

Now, the aforementioned teaser. Just like the previous one, pays 2.5 units if it hits.

Minnesota +8
Atlanta -1.5
St. Louis -1.5 vs. San Francisco
Denver +8.5

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