Sunday, December 27, 2015


NFL Week Sixteen Picks

Last week the bleeding was temporarily staunched. My picks went 4-2-1, +1.8 units. For the season my records stands at 26-43, -20.8 units. I will attempt to continue not sucking so much.

Kansas City -11 vs. Cleveland

New England -3 at New York Jets

Arizona -4 vs. Green Bay

Seattle -12 vs. St. Louis

Pittsburgh -10 at Baltimore

Saturday, December 19, 2015


NFL Week 15 Picks

I whiffed on my three-unit teaser last week, making my season record 22-41, -22.6 units. Picking seven more because why not? It really can't get any worse at this point.

New York Jets -3 at Dallas

Jacksonville -3 vs. Atlanta

New England -13.5 vs. Tennessee

Arizona -3.5 at Philadelphia

Carolina -4 at New York Giants

Seattle -14.5 vs. Cleveland

Cincinnati -5.5 at San Francisco

Sunday, December 13, 2015


NFL Week 14 Picks

Last week was a skunking, 0-5, -6.4 units. For the season, 22-40, 19.6 units. Here another pathetic Hail Mary, a six-team, six-point teaser. Risking three units to win 21.

Pittsburgh +8.5 at Cincinnati
Carolina -2 vs. Atlanta
San Francisco +7.5 at Cleveland
Indianapolis +7.5 at Jacksonville
New York Jets -1.5 vs. Tennessee
Miami +8 vs. New York Giants

Sunday, December 06, 2015


NFL Week 13 Picks

The implosion continues. Last week was 1-5, -7.3 units. For the season, I am 22-35, -13.2 units. Here we go again.

Chicago -7 vs. San Francisco

Houston +3.5 at Buffalo, and under 42 total points

New England -8 vs. Philadelphia

And a five-team, six-point teaser, risking two units to win eight:

Jacksonville +8.5 at Tennessee
Minnesota +8 vs. Seattle
New York Giants +8 vs. New York Jets
New England -2
Pittsburgh -1.5 vs. Indianapolis

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