Sunday, November 29, 2009


NFL Week Twelve Picks

Last week's picks went 5-3, raising my season record to 32-25. I find myself unable to pull the trigger on any spread bets today, but I have some totals to share.

Cleveland at Cincinnati under 39.5 points

Arizona at Tennessee over 45 points

Pittsburgh at Baltimore under 39.5 points

New England at New Orleans under 57.5 points

Thursday, November 26, 2009


NFL Thanksgiving Picks

I have two for today, more later.

Detroit +13 vs. Green Bay

Denver +7 vs. New York Giants

Sunday, November 22, 2009


NFL Week Eleven Picks

My 2-2-1 performance last week makes me 27-22 for the year. I am probably going to regret this, but I have a whopping eight picks this week. Here we go!

Indianapolis (even) at Baltimore

Washington +11 at Dallas

Detroit -3 vs. Cleveland

San Francisco at Green Bay over 41.5 points

Pittsburgh at Kansas City under 40 points

Atlanta +7 at New York Giants

Atlanta at New York Giants over 46 points

New York Jets +11 at New England

Sunday, November 15, 2009


NFL Week Ten Picks

My picks were 4-2 last week, raising me back to respectability at 25-20 for the season. Here's a quick five for this week:

Detroit +17 at Minnesota: The line just moved up too far this week. I reflexively take the underdog in those situations.

Green Bay +3 vs. Dallas: Likewise.

Buffalo +8 at Tennessee: Ditto.

Cincinnati +7 at Pittsburgh: Steelers will likely win, but it will be close.

Jacksonville at New York Jets under 41 points: This is also a reaction to a line moving up all week.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


NFL Week Nine Picks

My blog picks were 4-1 last week, making me 21-18 for the season. (For the record, I was 6-3 in Vegas sportsbooks last week.) Here's a six-pack for this week.

San Diego +5.5 at New York Giants: For some reason, everyone thinks the Giants will snap out of their funk this week. Based on what? Though the Chargers do not traditionally travel well, they are also more talented than the last three teams in the Giants' tailspin.

Cincinnati +3 vs. Baltimore: Going against the herd on this one, as well. The Bengals must be pissed. They beat the Ravens on the road already, they come off their bye week, and find themselves underdogs at home.

Green Bay -9.5 at Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers are bad, really bad. The Packers are not great, but they are good. Should be at least two touchdowns.

Arizona +3 at Chicago: This line is an overreaction to last week's results, which are usually an opportunity to profit.

New England -10.5 vs. Miami: Oh, boy. Patriots coming off a bye, and when the Sith Lord of the NFL gets two weeks to prepare, bad things happen. I'm afraid the Death Star is quite operational.

San Francisco vs. Tennessee over 40.5 points: This just looked low to me.

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