Sunday, February 07, 2010


Kevzilla's Super Bowl Spectacular

My picks keep taking on water. An ofer in the conference championships has me at 52-47 for the season, just a fraction above the break-even point. I refuse to leave any bullets in the chamber. After today, I will have either eked out a respectable profit for the season or I will be deep in the hole.

Indianapolis -4.5 vs. New Orleans: This number has moved all around, but I keep coming back to the same thing. The Vikings would have hung 40+ points on the Saints if they hadn't turned the ball over so much. Giving Peyton Manning two weeks to prepare for this defense is almost unfair. I do think the Saints will hang around for a good while, though, so I also like the over 56.5 points total as well.

Here's how much I like the over: all the proposition bets I'm taking here involve it. Of course, there are plenty of others. If you like longshots, I found Reggie Bush for MVP at 15/1. You can get Saints Devery Henderson to have a rushing attempt at 3/1, all the way to LeBron James points versus Saints points. Below are the totals ranges and payouts I am taking for the purposes of this blog; I just need to hit one.

56-60 points: 6/1
61-65 points: 7/1
66-70 points: 8/1
71-75 points: 12/1
76-80 points: 15/1

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