Sunday, February 01, 2015


Super Bowl Picks

In a complete reversal of trend, last week was the best in the history of this blog. I connected on both of my big swings, going 2-0, +20 units. For the season, I stand at 43-68, -15.3 units.

Seattle -1 vs. New England:  There is no way the Seahawks will play poorly two games in a row, especially with an extra week of preparation. They are younger and more athletic at most positions.

OK, that takes care of the boring part. Now we turn to our annual Props Extravaganza.

Seattle -3.5: This one pays considerably better than the standard line, so I am risking two units to win 3.3 units. A final score of 24-20 or 28-24 sounds quite reasonable to me.

Total sacks by both teams over 4:  Seattle might get four by themselves, considering Tom Brady's statuesque nature. That means New England would only need one. This one is at the regular juice of 1.1 units to win one.

Longest touchdown under 44.5 yards:  Neither team is susceptible to the big play, so this is where my blog makes its stand for the season. Risking 22 units to win 20.

Of course, there are many silly propositions available. We'll go with a popular choice among the degenerates I follow. Katy Perry's first song is "Roar" pays 1.5 to 1.

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