Saturday, November 29, 2014


NFL Week 13 Picks

Just doing teasers this week. I'll take all four three-team combinations of the below games. Each pays 1.6 to 1.

Jacksonville +8.5 vs. New York Giants

Carolina +8.5 at Minnesota

Atlanta +8.5 vs. Arizona

Kansas City +7.5 vs. Denver

Thursday, November 27, 2014


NFL Thanksgiving Pick

Not much to be thankful for around here. Last week was 4-7, -3.6 units. The season record is 28-46, -17.9 units. I want to throw up before dinner. But I always make a pick on this day, so:

Seattle +1.5 at San Francisco

Sunday, November 23, 2014


NFL Week 12 Picks

All is lost. Last week's 2-4, -2.3 unit performance is perfectly representative of this season. I will now pick every game I have the slightest lean toward, instead of just the "best" ones. I clearly don't know which ones are best, so I'm casting a wider net, and chasing after my losses. Please, please don't do this with real money.

Cleveland +3 at Atlanta, and under 48 points total

New England -6.5 vs. Detroit

Green Bay -8 at Minnesota

Jacksonville +14 at Indianapolis, and over 50 points total

Tampa Bay +6 at Chicago

Arizona +7 at Seattle

St. Louis +6 at San Diego

New York Giants +4 vs. Dallas

And a three-team, six-point teaser, pays 1.6 to 1:

Green Bay -2
Cincinnati +8 at Houston
New York Jets +8.5 "at" Buffalo (game in Detroit)

Sunday, November 16, 2014


NFL Week 11 Picks

My Bataan Death March of a season continues. Last week's 2-5, -2.6 unit disaster drops my overall record to 22-35,-12 units. Something has to give, soon.

Cleveland -3 vs. Houston

New Orleans -7 vs. Cincinnati

Arizona +1 vs. Detroit

New England +3 at Indianapolis, and under 58 total points

Four-team, six-point teaser, pays 2.6 to 1:

Minnesota +8.5 at Chicago
Seattle +8 at Kansas City
Carolina +8 vs. Atlanta
Washington -1.5 vs. Tampa Bay

Sunday, November 09, 2014


NFL Week Ten Picks

Last week's 2-2, -0.2 units result feels like victory compared to my recent performance. Now 20-30, -9.8 units for the season, I'll have to take some big swings, starting this week.

Miami at Detroit under 44 points:  These are two of the three best defenses in the league, in terms of points allowed. This total should be more like 40.

New Orleans -5 vs. San Francisco:  The Saints are just too good at home, and the 49ers are on the verge of a tailspin that will send their coach to the University of Michigan.

Pittsburgh -3.5 at New York Jets:  This line makes no sense, which should make me nervous. The fact that it doesn't should make you nervous. Nevertheless, that's the pick.

Lastly, a round-robin of three-team, six-point teasers. I'll take all four three-team combinations of the following four games.

Dallas -1.5 "at" Jacksonville (game in London)
Miami +8.5 at Detroit
Buffalo +7.5 vs. Kansas City
Tampa Bay +8.5 vs. Atlanta

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