Sunday, September 28, 2014


NFL Week Four Picks

Ouch. Last week's disaster (1-5, -4.4 units) put me underwater. Now 8-9 and -0.5 units for the season, I don't see a lot of games I like this week. Here's the picks.

Buffalo at Houston under 43 points total:  Both teams are better on defense than offense. I think they will both struggle to break 20 points.

Carolina at Baltimore under 42 points total:  The defenses are even better here, so one less point doesn't scare me too much.

And another four-team, six-point teaser, pays 2.5 to one if it hits:

Chicago +8 vs. Green Bay
Indianapolis -2 vs. Tennessee
New York Jets +7.5 vs. Detroit
Pittsburgh -1.5 vs. Tampa Bay

Saturday, September 20, 2014


NFL Week Three Picks

For Week One, I went 3-2, +1.4 units. Week Two I was in Vegas and my bets went 4-2, +2.5 units, and I'm counting them. That makes my season record 7-4, +3.9 units. Here's this week's picks.

Houston +1.5 at New York Giants:  The Texans don't deserve a lot of confidence in this spot, but they have played better than the Giants so far, and they're getting points. I have to pull the trigger, but I probably won't watch.

Arizona +3 vs. San Francisco:  Again, I'm going against the team that just has to win. But underdogs at home are as reliable as anything in this endeavor.

Denver +5.5 at Seattle:  OK, now I'm a little loopy, right? I mean, we saw this in February on a neutral field. But you don't get Peyton Manning and points very often, and you have to take them. Also, I'll take the over 48 points total.

Green Bay at Detroit over 52 points:  Two dangerous offenses, two confused defenses, in a dome. What's not to like? This thing might get to 70.

Lastly, a four-team, six-point teaser, pays 2.5 to 1 if it hits:

San Diego +8.5 at Buffalo
St. Louis +7.5 vs. Dallas
Cleveland +7.5 vs. Baltimore
Green Bay +8 at Detroit

Sunday, September 07, 2014


NFL Week One Picks

Back for more. I finished (barely) in the black last season, and we'll look to keep that going. Here's this week's selections.

New Orleans -3 at Atlanta:  The Saints have the look of a true contender. The Falcons, after last season, will have to show me something before I get anywhere near them.

Cincinnati +2 at Baltimore:  Even on the road, the better team getting points is the right play.

Dallas +4.5 vs. San Francisco:  The Niners are better all over the field, on paper, but their tumultuous offseason will have an effect. I'll take the home underdog.

San Diego +3 at Arizona:  A bit of a close call, but I think the Chargers are better than anyone suspects.

Also, a three-team, six-point teaser, pays 1.6 to 1 if it hits:

Cincinnati +8
Carolina +8.5 at Tampa Bay
Denver -1.5 vs. Indianapolis

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